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Let's do something good together.

By partneting with GiveGet everyday transactions become a powerful tool for brand growth and global change.

Connect to socially-conscious Aussie donors.

Now more than ever, people expect brands to drive change and trust.

Shoppers who buy from our GiveGet partners want their money to go further and do better. They value working toward global change that enriches lives, supports communities and makes the world a better place.

Australians donate more than $11.5 billion dollars per year through registered charities, making us one of the most generous nations in the world. By joining our group of socially-minded retailers you can tap into this influential consumer segment and play your part in making a difference.

It’s the natural flow of ‘give a little, get a little.’

Attract new customers and supercharge sales.

GiveGet connects brands with mindful shoppers who vote for their values with their pockets.

This new wave of conscious consumers seeks out ethical retailers who direct a portion of revenue towards making change and improving the lives of others.

Connecting your brand to our platform will attract new customers, boost your bottom line and empower people to make change through everyday purchases.

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Partnering with us has benefits

Boost brand loyalty

Show socially conscious customers that you care about driving their dollar further.

Marketing made easy

Connect to new customers by offering perks to your store for donations made through GiveGet.

Simple sign up

Get started today and grow your online store in a few simple steps.

It’s safe and easy to work with us

Instant purchases

Our seamless integration processes retail transactions instantly through your online store.

Reduced risk

We manage charity partnerships, donations and user security so you can get on with business.

Economical exposure

We take a small commission on each reward used. So don't pay anything until you get a sale.

Leverage the donor market into new customers.

Reach 1M+ customers on GiveGet


We have pledged to sign up 1 million Aussie donors by 2025. It’s a big but achieveable goal, made possible by our charity and retail partners. Want to know more?
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