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WorkVentures: Inspiring social inclusion through technology.


We are committed to providing sustainable technology solutions, influencing digital inclusion in the community and igniting the potential in young people with meaningful skills, training and jobs.

Our traineeship program supports your people in obtaining employment and education. Our digital inclusion initiative offers support to communities without technology. WorkVentures seeks to ethically dispose of e-waste. We believe sustainability and promoting a circular economy.

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ACNC Registered Charity


Commitment to Impact

WorkVentures is Australia’s leading IT social enterprise. For more than 40 years, WorkVentures has been committed to empowering organisations and individuals to create inclusive, vibrant communities. We help young people gain meaningful skills, training, and jobs and provide affordable technology and connectivity to those who are digitally excluded. We also combat e-waste and promote a circular economy through our device refurbishment services.

In the past four decades, we have assisted over 25,000 young people with employment opportunities. We have distributed over 88,000 technology packs to individuals and communities that otherwise couldn’t afford them. We have also diverted 3,500 tonnes of e-waste from landfill.

You can expect us to:

Youth Employment Solutions

Our Youth Employment Solutions team will:

  • Assist young people with gaining practical skills and relevant qualifications so they can achieve the career of their dreams.
  • Provide ongoing support to all trainees to ensure they are on track for success.
  • Source a diverse pool of trainees and cadets to ensure all young Australians are given the same opportunities to succeed.


Digital Inclusion

To support digital inclusion, we will:

  • Provide affordable devices to individuals and communities across the country to bridge the digital divide.
  • Offer reliable connectivity so that all Australians have equal access to the digital world.
  • Strive toward enhancing digital literacy by providing digital coaching sessions for those in need.



We support a circular economy by:

    • Refurbishing end-of-life technology and distributing these devices to those in need.
    • Providing ethical and secure e-waste services to help minimise the amount of technology in landfill.
    • Offering our refurbishment and e-waste solutions to large corporations to minimise their digital footprint.


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