Connect to new donors for free.

In a competitive marketplace, finding supporters and securing funding is challenging. GiveGet’s model will connect you with new donors across Australia, building brand awareness and loyalty on autopilot. 

Our simple solution puts more funding in your pocket to expand, grow and press on with your mission.

The best part? There’s absolutely no cost to your charity.

Level up your donor pool.

GiveGet provides untapped potential to increase your donor pool by capturing socially-conscious shoppers before they buy online. 

Australians donate more than $11.5 billion dollars per year through registered charities, making us one of the most generous nations in the world. 

By tapping into the existing donor market and the $43.9B Australian online retail market, your charity can share in that spending, build awareness and capture a new generation of socially-minded shoppers.

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Partnering with us has benefits.

Our aim is to make giving such a buzz that donating through GiveGet becomes a routine, pre-shopping habit.

Increase charitable funding

Our model drives bigger donations for your charity through retail shopping incentives. The higher the donation, the bigger the perks.

Attract new donors

Leverage the $43.9B Australian retail market into donors. Our platform makes it easy for people to donate, shop and save, in a few simple steps.

Redirect marketing spend

It’s free to sign up and use, leaving more room in your budget for other campaigns. Plus each charity receives 100% of each donation.

How does GiveGet work with you?

Receive donations upfront

Access funds within days for donations made through GiveGet.

Minimise your risk

With our payment partners, including fraud protection, so you can focus on your mission.

Real-time reports

View live transactions to plan, budget and allocate GiveGet donations on the important stuff.

Be seen, because you deserve it.

Our network of charities, retailers and generous donors is growing every day. Join our mission to make achievable change today.

Reach out and get your charity noticed in only a few simple steps.

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