Changing the way we do things for a more sustainable future.

We are big believers in a circular economy.

By connecting shoppers with leading Aussie charities and sustainably focused brands, we can all play a part in shifting our spending habits to make a difference.

Our Mission

We’re here to improve the way charities, brands and people interact.

GiveGet® was founded to create an ecosystem that recognises organisations that operate with purpose and to give back to those who shop consciously. It’s a win for charities, a win for brands, a win for shoppers, and a huge win for the planet.

Brands who want to be part of the program level up their operations. Charities get a booster rocket for what matters most. Shoppers can bask in the warm glow of helping the community, all whilst saving money and getting rewarded.

By the numbers

Each day more Partners and Members are joining the movement, which is great news for all of us


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We want to give out 1 million GG Points for conscious spending this year


Aussie retailers keen to give back to sustainable shoppers

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Meet our Team

Our experienced team has a track record of helping non-profits and ethical businesses achieve their goals.

Edward Mussett

Chief Executive Officer

Came up with the idea from share house recycling bin politics.

Management skills: 83%
Coffee making skills: 0%
Dedication to the mission: 100%

Gerard Milo

Chief Technology Officer

A technologist making all your rewards dreams come true.

Years in industry: 17
Coding skills: 100%
Crypto enthusiast: Yes

Ruth Cuvin

Business Development Manager

Will follow up unanswered emails with a call, guaranteed.

Personality: 100%
Stance on team "good morning" messages: Strong
Wants to hear from you? Yes