Give a little, get a little.

We are big believers in a circular economy and changing the way we do things for a more sustainable future.

By connecting shoppers with leading Aussie charities and socially-conscious retailers, we can all play a part in shifting our spending habits to make a difference.

Our Evolution

Our story started with an idea to reward people who help others. It’s a compelling yet simple principle, where social change is made through shopping incentives.

We know that savvy, sustainably-minded consumers want their dollar to stretch further, to benefit themselves and others.  GiveGet makes this possible.

We’re here to ride the wave of change while making it easy to support great causes. Together we can impact the world positively, one donation and reward at a time.

GiveGet was established in 2021 in Sydney, Australia.

Watch this space.

GiveGet was created as a way to spread resources evenly through the community while creating large-scale behavioural change.

Through GiveGet, buying a pair of headphones or a new gadget will now supercharge the work being done by Australian charities. 

Those who need it get a boost, and you can get on with your day knowing you’re supporting a worthwhile cause. 

We’ve made giving easy and being rewarded a cinch.

What drives us.

We’re here to improve the way charities, retailers and people interact.

By placing charities in the hearts and minds of hungry shoppers, we are able to incentivise people to make donations before they shop. 

It’s a win for charities, businesses, and for socially-minded people who like to make a difference.

Retailers can champion causes. Charities can level up their mission. Shoppers can bask in the warm glow of helping others while saving money.

Fill your cup and your cart with GiveGet.

Every dollar you donate through GiveGet makes a real-world difference in the lives of others – the kind of difference that is difficult to provide with our own hands. Together we can do good things for people and the planet. It’s all about strength in numbers.

How GiveGet works

How GiveGet Works.

It’s easy – choose a charity, make a donation and redeem a shopping reward as thanks. We’ve partnered with 60+ Australian charities and retailers to make giving as easy and spending, all in one place.


Select your favourite charity and donate to their cause via the GiveGet platform. Every dollar you donate earns 1 GiveGet Donation Point.

Get Rewards

As recognition for your great work, you can use your Donation Points to unlock discounts and perks with some of Australia's largest retailers.


Now it’s time to shop and save. Pick the perk to your favourite store and shop knowing you've made a difference. Cup full and karma in check.

Ready to
do your bit?

Donate, save and make a difference through GiveGet today.